Keratin tips is a method where keratin, which is naturally found in hair is melted onto strips of your own hair. The keratin can be easily removed and lasts up to 3/4 months Available in 1g bonds, in straight and wavy style. Italian keratin is also available, it’s the strongest type of keratin. Italian keratin is used with European or Russian hair as this hair stays in a great condition for many months.



Micro Rings are designed to be small and undetectable, available in all colours to match your hair/root colour. A small section of your hair is pulled through the micro ring, held near the root and a specially tipped extensions are placed into the ring which is then clamped tightly onto your hair holding it securely in place, although deemed to be the safest method it is still important to be careful when brushing. This method uses no bond/glue/heat or chemicals, so extra care is needed when brushing to keep them secure. Maintenance is required every 6-10 weeks.



Nano Rings are the newest and most advanced hair extensions system! This new hair extensions system is specifically engineered to provide the smallest, most undetectable bond. This system is similar to the micro ring system but smaller in size. It is specifically engineered to provide the smallest reusable nano ring hair extensions procedure. The Nano Ring is up to 90% smaller and less detectable than any other ring system. This is the world's smallest ring for hair extensions, designed to provide maximum detectability and camouflage.



AngelsLocks human hair extensions tiny tips and locks have become a popular hair extensions choice with many high profile celebrities favouring them to the more traditional methods. AngelsLocks tiny tipped hair extensions are designed to suit all types of hair and do not require the use of glue, heat or braids to connect them. Using mini connections allows for a flawless and undetectable result. Once applied AngelsLocks are totally flat making them extremely comfortable to wear.